What are the benefits of 3d puzzles?

Solving challenges such as those presented by 3d puzzles encourages the connections between brain cells and generates new relationships, which in turn improves mental speed and thought processes. With this alone, it is worth putting one together!

Improves the ability to solve problems

You are sure or certain that the piece in your hand goes to the right of the one you just placed, but it does not enter! What do you have to do? Stake out and look for options. This is an extremely didactic way of projecting everyday situations on a smaller scale and for which the puzzle assembly helps us deeply. The more times you go back to look for a different option, the more you will be developing your problem solving skills. Congratulations!

Visual Reasoning – Enhanced Space

Visual-spatial reasoning is a mental capacity that we use every day with different things that in many cases we do in automatic mode such as driving a vehicle, guiding us through maps or planes and / or imagining how many things enter the car trunk, etc.

Analyzing the different pieces of our puzzle to find the exact place where they fit in greatly favors this process. If you are one of those who get lost reading a map, you have no excuse!

But there is more!

Higher Intellectual Coefficient

How does this sound to you? 25 minutes a day assembling puzzles and your mental coefficient could increase 4 points. This is because it improves memory and increases the ability to reason, solve problems and think about different alternatives.

Do you want to stand out at the next friends meeting? You already know what you have to do (don’t worry, you don’t need to cite us as a source).

Delaying dementia and Alzheimer’s

Maybe bragging about your IQ is not your thing and it’s very good, but another of the incredible benefits of assembling puzzles is that you will keep your brain constantly active and this has a very positive impact on the delay of memory problems, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

We do not know how old you are and if these issues worry you or not, but rest assured that the time will come when you shout at the 4 winds: “Thank you Puzzles.top for anticipating it!” (If you want you can tattoo it). Ok, maybe we exaggerate.

It improves the mood

The keyword here is Dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates the mood and the feeling of positivism in humans. How to be happier? Generating more dopamine and the good news is that every time you complete a challenge (for that matter, let’s say you managed to put together your last 3d puzzle), the brain generates dopamine and it invades your body making you feel incredible. And not only at the end of the puzzle, every time you fit a piece of the puzzle in place, a little more dopamine is secreted in the body. What tulle?

Do you know someone who has Stress? Keep reading…

Lower Stress Levels

Someone might think that the challenge of putting together and finishing the puzzle could generate anxiety or worry but the reality is the opposite. At the same time it challenges us, it gives us a similar relaxation by being deeply asleep. Of course, if you fall asleep putting together puzzles I recommend you buy a higher level of complexity or have a lighter dinner. For example, UGears Train: it would be wonderful choise for spendeing time with lovely puzzles.

Increase Attention to Details

This is a fantastic benefit because having to observe the pieces in detail, one begins to perceive slight variations in lines, colors and, depending on the type of puzzle, shapes as well. We are developing this special attention as we advance in the level of complexity of the puzzles and we can reach higher levels of detail.

How many times have we heard from our partners how important details are? Ready, one less excuse.

But hope there is still more.

Improve Productivity

Less stress and more happiness result in better concentration. And more concentration equals higher productivity. It’s not like you ask your boss for a full day of not going to the office to stay to assemble puzzles and become more productive but it’s not a bad suggestion to take a few minutes to unlock the mind solving the challenge posed by a puzzle and Return with renewed energy.

An Extra Benefit

All these benefits are so overwhelming that they leave no doubt: Assembling 3d puzzles is an excellent investment in oneself . And then I refer you to an extra advantage that this type of puzzle has that is impossible for a smartphone to match. It does not benefit your emotional state, stress or humor directly but it does it taking care of one of the most taken into account resources in the times that run …

They are very cheap

For anyone it is a novelty that we are constantly in search of quality products but that do not lead us to squander the money we earn with the sweat of our effort. The good news is that 3d puzzles, depending on the model, are not worth even 20% than a new mobile and provide multiple benefits such as those mentioned above, which make them a more than seductive purchase option in the present.

Last conclusions

Yes, 3d puzzles are the best option when it comes to entertaining, learning, growing and evolving in a simple, creative and very cheap way. Start enjoying the benefits of Armar Puzzles 3d today.