The 5 best gifts for White Elephant for less than $ 25


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It is the time to choose a gift, keep it or steal it from the next one. Oddly enough, this is the case, White Elephant is like that, a different alternative to getting a gift this Christmas.

For those who do not know the game, very common among groups of friends and office colleagues, it is about agreeing a maximum amount of money to spend per person, buying a gift and wrapping it without seeing what it is.

Once all the participants are gathered, the gifts are left in one place and the first participant has to choose one of them and open it. The second participant chooses and opens another of the gifts, but has the option to “steal” the gift of the first participant or to keep the one he chose.

The participant who “steals” his gift is given the option of choosing another wrapped gift or “stealing” that of another participant, and so on until he finishes with the participant who opened the first gift.

Each group of friends, you can put all kinds of variants to the game, such as the participant who steals a gift, you can choose between any of the already opened or keep one of the envelopes but without opening it and not knowing that it will Touch to the end.

What is the name due to? Some attribute it to a legend where the King of Siam offered as a gift to some courtiers who had disgusted him and in order to ruin them, albino elephants.

These elephants had a voracious appetite and as they were also considered sacred, they could not be used as power animals. The cost of its maintenance was much higher than its value, and the King of Siam thus took revenge on his courtiers.

Some friends may take revenge this time for having stolen the gift last Christmas, so the best way not to go home with a potato under your arm is to look and share with friends this list that the experts and users, have prepared with the 20 best gifts to celebrate White Elephant.

Starting the day with everything

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how can you enjoy a good breakfast without it taking a long time to prepare it?

Nothing better than this discreet little machine that prepares everything at once, toast the bread, cook the egg, heat the meat, melt the cheese and unite it all in a perfect and nutritious breakfast, the sandwich or the hot and fast bagel you need to Start the day full of energy and with good footing.

Air bubble calendar

Hard day at work, rainy, you get home tired, stressed. Luckily you have your air bubble calendar on hand!

Goodbye to stress, to burst bubbles has been said! Every day you can burst a bubble of air that will leave the day marked on the calendar.

In addition to having the year, month and day printed, the most important dates are printed or to remember one day in particular, indicating it with the colored stickers it brings. Don’t forget about birthdays or your anniversary!

Apollo 3D metal puzzle

There is nothing more wonderful than going out to the field and watching the stars and the moon, reminds us of that long-awaited image of Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon for the first time.

Now we can give a souvenir of that experience, with the model of the authentic Apollo Saturn V rocket with its included launch ramp and the model of the Apollo CSM with the attached lunar module.

They are metal models of very good quality and well detailed, so you can remember how were the vehicles that made us conquer the moon.

A mug that exercises us

Do your friends get bored having breakfast? Don’t think twice, both you and your children are looking for this amazing extra-large cup with a built-in basketball basket!

You can fine-tune your aim by rolling the cereals in the milk, risk with a 3-point shot with the chocolate marshmallows or make a matte with the colored shavings in your ice cream. With this fun cup, breakfasts will never be boring again.

Pair of Haute Soiree socks

There are times when you don’t know what to give to a friend, until you find this pair of socks so funny.

On the sole of the foot it has written “If you can read this bring me some wine” (“if you can read this, give me some wine”), a funny phrase that will make your friend smile the best. They are cotton socks, white, warm for winter and very comfortable. For a little money you will have an original gift and guaranteed laughs.