Christmas is approaching and with them the headaches about what to give to our loved ones. Every year the same story is repeated: I recount what I gave last Christmas to avoid repeating myself, I think of necessary things but most of the time boring and lacking interest for the recipient of the gift, I get carried away by the fashion of the season and I end up buying anything unhelpful or, simply, I leave it for the last moment to see if in the meantime the light bulb of the imagination comes on, so I end up buying anything absurd at the last minute, or worse, a gift card, thus eliminating any hint of emotion.

This year we have decided to really help you and offer you 5 original, creative and fun ideas to surprise with your Christmas gift :

The Deco Puzzles

The Deco Puzzles are a great idea. They are puzzles formed by three decorative images that include the special tail Puzzle Fix to paste the puzzle and hang it after the assembly. You have two options with this gift:

Do it yourself and give it away once assembled, ready and ready to be hung. This will have double value: on the one hand it is a precious gift that serves as a home decoration, but it is also made with your own hands, with your dedication, your love and investing your time in that person who will receive the gift.

Give it away so that the person can mount it and then place it in your home. In this way it will also be double: you will have a leisure time and fun puzzle and also an original and precious decorative piece for your home.

As you can see, this gift allows you to decorate with your own works of art.

Personalized puzzles

Do you have a special photo that you love? If you managed to immortalize an unforgettable moment in your life, why not turn it into a puzzle? Personalized puzzles are a great option as a Christmas gift. Surely whoever receives it will never forget a special and different gift like this.

To order your custom puzzle you have to choose the photo , the number of pieces you want the puzzle to have (from 40 to 1120 pieces) and place your order . In a maximum period of 7 working days you will have the puzzle ready to be given away. Enter here and follow all the steps. It is very simple!

Puzzle box trip

Give a trip inside the puzzle box of the chosen destination . A trip is always a wonderful gift. If this year you have behaved very well and have decided to give them a trip together that you will never forget, include the tickets inside the puzzle box with the image of that destination. For example, if Paris is the chosen city, include tickets, a message or a letter explaining your plans inside the box of one of our beautiful puzzles of the city of love . It is an original and fun way to reveal your gift. In addition, until the date of your adventure arrives, you can go assembling the puzzle together and thus you will have entertainment in the meantime.

3D puzzle

Is the person who will receive the gift a super Star Wars fan? Do not miss a single episode of Game of Thrones? Do you love Marvel superheroes? You give a puzzle with your favorite characters will certainly be a detail that you will succeed insurance. True fans never tire of collecting any element of their favorite character, movie, series or saga.

In the case of Star Wars and Game of Thrones, they will hallucinate with the 3D wooden puzzles with which to assemble the mythical iron throne  or the bust of the evil evil Kylo Ren .

The puzzles are perfect for keeping your mind fit from childhood to old age. That is why they are the best gift for both the little ones in the house and also for the older ones. We just have to select the level of difficulty to adapt it to the level of the person. In this link you will see the amount of benefits that assembling puzzles has for children.