Doing puzzles gives us very positive feelings on a mental and emotional level , which is why it is one of the 10 most effective activities to relax . And they are not beliefs or assumptions, it is scientifically proven.

In addition, we already tell you that doing puzzles reduces the protein related to the triggering of Alzheimer’s disease.

There are even studies that show that activities such as assembling puzzles can significantly improve memory and intelligence. If you want more information about this, do not miss this very interesting article.

Among the benefits that we can obtain at a psychological and emotional level , are:

  • Improve our problem solving ability.
  • Exercise our sharpness and visual memory.
  • It promotes the ability to analyze and develop strategies.
  • It generates satisfaction and raises our self-esteem.
  • Improve our attention.
  • Keeps curiosity active.
  • Develop our tolerance, patience and adaptation to difficulties.
  • It helps us to be more orderly and acquire good habits , such as constancy.

But the list of benefits does not end here. According to neuroscience, it is possible to train the brain to concentrate more and more and better. And a good way to do it is precisely by assembling puzzles.

But let’s focus on relaxation. Why do we relax doing puzzles? How can we enjoy more of the time? We give you all the keys:

Doing puzzles provides a form of conscious rest. We remain focused on the present moment, on our challenge, moving our mind away from the problems, stress and situations that distress us and providing an oasis of serenity to our mental and emotional activity.

Positive stimuli are produced in the brain when we succeed and this gives us a pleasant and pleasant sensation.

We release endorphins, a substance that increases the state of well-being, joy and happiness and reduces the feeling of emotional distress. We also release dopamine that, although it is a hormone that is related to addictions and obviously it is not good to be addicted to anything, it is responsible for generating pleasure when we perform an activity, in this case a puzzle. It is something that also happens with physical exercise, for example. In this way, we “get hooked” to that need to perform this activity to get more pleasure

Stimulate your 5 senses :


Accommodate your space, put incense or burn essential oils. You can opt for aromas such as lavender or sandalwood, which have relaxing properties. Peppermint , which is a powerful mental stimulator. Or the orange or other citrus fruits that give us energy and well-being.


Pour yourself something to drink, a warm infusion in winter, a very cool lemonade in summer or a glass of your favorite wine if you decide to spend the night assembling your puzzle. You can also accompany the drink with some chocolate or some nuts.


Some of Music will make the atmosphere even better. Select something quiet, jazz, blues or classical. Although it’s about YOUR moment, you decide what music makes you feel good and hit the play.


Illuminate the place where you are going to be properly to see all the details of the pieces correctly. But you can also give the room a cozy touch by lighting a candle. In addition, the colors of the puzzles will also have an effect on us (we remind you this entry about the meaning of the colors ).


There you are the pieces and you, hand in hand. It is a beautiful feeling that is worth enjoying. Take a while to touch the pieces , feel their reliefs, notice the material they are made of, their texture. Make them yours, as if they were to transmit the information of their position through touch. This is a great mindfulness exercise.

No hurry, take your time. For when you want to stop. There is no date on the calendar that says “I have to finish the puzzle.” Just play, enjoy and focus.

Smile when something goes well , when the pieces fit, when you complete a section of the image, when you manage to assemble one of the most complex parts. Give yourself a small prize, get motivated. Drink a sip of your glass, toast if you are accompanied, take an ounce of chocolate or stretch your arms. You are doing it!

Avoid the world and problems , it’s your time. If you can, turn off your cell phone for a while and try that nothing and nobody distract you to reach the full fruit of this kind of puzzle meditation.

If you need it, take small breaks, get up, stretch your legs , walk a little. Releasing the muscular tension generated by staying for a while in the same position will also help us feel better.